Smooth wear made in Bali with 🤍

Smooth wear

About Smooth wear

Smooth wear is made in Bali with a lots of love for all women out there who feel free in the ocean and love the wild smooth dance on the land. Women who know that mermaids are real, because they are one as they never get tided down, make their own waves and let the current carry them into the smooth life.

Smooth wear is ethically made with no exploitation of Human beings, no explotation of Animals and no explotation of the Enviroment. Each peace of Smooth wear is hand made with sensitive feel and good energy of happy workers in small Bali factory. 

We are now putting out our first Organic and Receyled Smooth Yoga Collection on whic we are really proud of and we know our mermaids will love it as they are becoming more and more aware of taking care of our planet Earth!

Mermaids from all over the world can get their smooth second skin in our online shop or, if one day you swim to magical Canary island Fuerteventura, in Manawai Surf&Yoga boutique

And remember their is a million fish in the sea, but we are smooth mermaids :). Namaste!